No Brainer To Call Weezy!

We’ve seen DJ Weezy many times over the years running Karaoke night, DJing parties, or MCing events. We knew she was well organized, well spoken, and a whole lot of fun! So when it was time to pick a DJ for our own wedding, it was a no brainer for us to call Weezy.

She came to our house with her trusty laptop to preplan everything. We discussed the timing of everything and picked songs to go with all of the important moments (first dance, cake cutting, etc). She took good notes, confirmed she had the songs we wanted, and offered suggestions when we weren’t sure of something. We also discussed what kind of music we liked and didn’t like, what songs should be on the do not play list, and even practiced saying everyone’s names for the introduction part.

Everything flowed really smoothly the day of. She was there and ready to go, almost as excited as we were. Weezy is one of those people who truly loves her job and it shows. She’s really enthusiastic and happy to be there and doing her thing. Her enthusiasm rubs off on everyone around her and you can’t help but have a good time when she’s around. All of the right songs got played at the right times, and she stuck with the types of music we asked for. She also took requests throughout the night. When a bunch of people requested “The Electric Slide” (which was on the do not play list), she asked me if it was okay to play it before she did. She even kept her cool when the priest (who was supposed to say the prayer before dinner) wasn’t there. She found a last minute substitute to handle it. Everyone had fun, and we danced until it ended at midnight. Overall it was a very positive experience, and if we do ever need a DJ for anything in the future we know who to call.

~ Jon & Jess Botelho (10-15-11)