Wicked Weezy Entertainment is Who To Pick Hands Down!

I don’t even know where to begin when touching on all the ways that Louise Allerdt is truly the most amazing DJ, KJ, entertainer and performer I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and devotedly following.

I moved here to MA a little over 8 years ago, where I was eager to start scoping out the local karaoke scene. I started hitting up various bars in the New Bedford and Fairhaven areas, meeting many various karaoke DJs (some small business owners, some larger). I stopped searching when I found Wicked Weezy Entertainment. I thought I had died and gone to karaoke heaven.

Weezy has an immaculate ear for music. She is extremely picky when setting her singers. So many KJ’s “set it ‘n forget it”…. ugh, I can’t STAND that! Not her though. Never. She listens so carefully to each individual, making sure their vocals are set perfectly. She interacts with her crowds so fantastically too, and man is she a riot! She’s full of smiles, laughs, sarcasm, wit… and a boatload of fun-loving energy that passes onto the rest of us all night long. Another thing I love about Louise is her dedication. She’s ALWAYS there – rain, snow, sick… doesn’t matter… she’s there. She’s a damn hard worker!

Over the years I have been a regular to Weezy’s karaoke shows, I have supported her at her band gigs (one hell of a rock star, she is!) PIPES! But, I’ve also come to know her as person, and I think that’s what’s most important here: She is PRICELESS.

If you are ever thinking of hiring a DJ/KJ for ANY event, WICKED WEEZY ENTERTAINMENT is who to pick. HANDS DOWN. There is simply NO ONE that can do this job better. And no one who does it with more passion. It makes all the difference

– Raven Lee